About Me

This is Me!!

Thanks for coming and taking the time to read when I fully appreciate you could be surfing your Facebook or watching cute cats on YouTube!. You’ve probably landed here for a reason and one I hope I can help you with but before that a little about me, how I became a Financial Coach and how I can help you.

I’ve always had an interest in maths, playing with numbers and making money and one of the earliest money memories is of setting up a shoe shine business with my best friend at the age of 12.

Julie Barnes

I couldn’t afford gloves

Fast forward a number of years and I trained in accountancy and had a job managing a company's finances until I had my first child. Like most mums I wanted to be at home so I gave it up and had part time evening banking jobs just to bring a bit in. It wasn’t always easy and I didn’t always have money – I can remember standing in Poundstretcher working out how I could afford a pair of gloves for my son. Christmas and Birthday Presents came from car boots or even the tip (little tikes kitchens and cars are often disposed of and easily cleaned up!)

Moneysaving in a BIG way...

Not long after my second child was born I came across moneysaving and couponing. I won’t go into every detail or scheme (there were far too many!) but rather than spending money being sucked into every marketing scheme I learnt how to use them to my own advantage to make money instead. I was (as far as I know) the first person in the UK to get a free car from a supermarket loyalty scheme, in less than a year a 2nd free car was on my driveway and then I helped someone else get a 3rd.

Ever seen the American programme Extreme Couponing?  This was me for many years and it was essentially a part time job and although it never made me rich, it kept the wolf from the door and afforded us a few luxuries, I didn’t pay for shopping for a long time and more importantly I was able to do it whilst being at home for my kids. My friends started to call me Del Boy and soon they were all asking my advice on money matters.

When the kids got older I returned to work in financial services and as well as furthering my financial education on savings, mortgages, pensions etc, I realised I love problem solving, coaching and helping people, whether that was solving problems for customers or other staff. Looking back although I didn’t realise it at the time all my life I’ve set goals and did whatever I needed to do to achieve them. When I bought my first house at 22 I lived off beans on toast for 3 weeks to save money, likewise when I wanted a new kitchen extension I took an overnight job in London in order to achieve it.

I eventually realised that my past experiences, goal setting and financial career has given me a unique mindset on managing money and knew that I have the skills to help others and invested in further financial coach training.

I believe with stress, depression and divorces on the rise due to money issues everyone should have their own personal financial coach and I’d like to help (don’t worry I won’t make you live off beans on toast!).

How Can I help you?

  • Does managing your money cause stress and anxiety ?
  • Financial Education ? I can help
  • Struggling with debt? I can help
  • Have money but it just seems to disappear? I can help
  • Have a future financial goal (being a stay at home mum !, buying a house, taking the kids to Disneyland etc) but don’t seem to be getting closer? I can help
  • Feel like life is just work, buy stuff, pay bills and there should be more? I can help
  • Arguing with your partner over money? I can help