01 07 2020

4 Top Tips for Surviving Redundancy

At the beginning of coronavirus I wrote about dealing with your budget and any fears you may be having around money and how to tackle them here Fear or Focus ...
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17 06 2020

I’m OK and have everything I need = #CoffeeforCovid

For the last week I have been torn as to what to write about – I have a whole bank of blog information regarding money, finances, mortgages, mental motivation that ...
Donating coffee money for covid

03 06 2020

How to change small habits for a bigger better future.

In my last blog A wake up call? - Your life after Coronavirus I talked about identifying what has made you happy in lockdown and how you can start to ...

20 05 2020

A Wake Up Call? Your Life After Coronavirus

So the whole world has been on lockdown in varying amounts, but for the UK its been about 8 weeks now – nobody could possibly have predicted that we would ...

06 05 2020

Your Money or Your Life?

No, this is not a reference to the well known line in “Stand and Deliver” by the white striped singer Adam Ant in 1981 ( if you can remember this ...

21 04 2020

Fear or Focus

In the current unprecedented times we are living it is understandable that fears and anxieties are at an all time high. You may be worrying about loved ones, their health, ...